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  1. Bathroom = toilet, w.c. (NA INGLETERRA: bathroom will have bath, washbasin or shower only)
  2. Billboard = hoarding
  3. Biscuit = scone; NA INGLETERRA: biscuit = NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: cookie
  4. Billy club = truncheon
  5. Blank = empty form, i.e. telegraph blank
  6. Block (city block) = city block bounded by streets on 4 sides, distance between 2 streets or crossings in same direction
  7. Block-busting = "penetration" of a residential area by an ethnic or minority group unwelcome by original residents, who often then sell and leave
  8. Blotter = police official daily record of happenings in local precinct office
  9. Blowout = puncture (flat tire on car, bicycle, etc.)
  10. Blue book = local social register of high-status families
  11. Blue Cross/Blue Shield = two different large health-insurance companies
  12. Blue laws = restrictive community "moral" laws dating from Puritan times, such as prohibition of liquor sales on Sunday, limits on public entertainment on Sundays, etc.
  13. Bomb (theater) = a failure; NA INGLETERRA: bomb (theatre) = great success
  14. Boner = gaffe, mistake, faux pas
  15. Boot camp = military basic training period/location
  16. Boondocks = backwoods
  17. Bourbon = corn- (maize-) derived whiskey
  18. Box car = good waggon (NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: spelling "wagon")
  19. Bronx cheer = raspberry (critical noise ...)
  20. Brownie = small, "heavy," rich-chocolate baked biscuit; also young Girl scout
  21. Brunch = mid-morning meal (combination of "breakfast & lunch")
  22. Bush league = baseball "minor" training leagues; also general connotations of "amateurism," unprofessionalism, etc.
  23. Caboose = last waggon on a goods train
  24. Candy = sweets
  25. C ar fare = money for transportation fares
  26. Carry-out (food) = take-away (food)
  27. Catch (to play catch [baseball]) = "playing tag" (US "playing tag" is children's game where one tries to run and "catch" or touch ("tag") one of the other children playing)
  28. "Catch up with him" = "Catch him up"
  29. Checkers = draughts (the game, played on checker/chess board)
  30. Checking account = current account (banking)
  31. Comfort station = public convenience
  32. Cone = cornet ("ice cream" cones--British "ice cream" also quite a different commodity)
  33. Cord (electrical) = flex, lead, wire
  34. Corn = maize; NA INGLETERRA: corn = all types of grain, unless specified
  35. Cotton candy = candy floss
  36. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) = Chartered Pub. Account. (CPA)
  37. Cube sugar = lump sugar
  38. Diaper = nappy
  39. Dishpan = washing-up bowl
  40. Distaff = female
  41. Double header = two sports games played as a single event; also used metaphorically
  42. Draft (military) = conscription into the armed forces
  43. Druggist = chemist (in commercial drugstore or pharmacy)
  44. Editorial = leading article (in a newspaper, periodical)
  45. Eggnog = egg flip (special Christmas drink in NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: only)
  46. Engineer = railroad engine-driver
  47. Enjoin = to forbid from doing; GB enjoin = to compel to do
  48. Eraser = rubber; NA INGLETERRA: rubber is NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: condom
  49. "Fairy" = male homosexual, or highly effiminate-acting male
  50. Field hockey = hockey; NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: hockey (by itself) = ice hockey
  51. Filling station = petrol station
  52. Flashlight = torch
  53. Football = NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: (American) football, not "soccer"
  54. Formula = baby's prepared liquid food, replaces breast milk
  55. "Freebee" = anything given away free
  56. Freeway = motorway
  57. Freight car = goods waggon (on a train)
  58. Gangway! = exclamation to "clear a path!"; NA INGLETERRA: gangway = NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: aisle (in a theater, etc.), NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: gangway [naval term] = entrance "bridge" from shore onto a ship
  59. Glee club = club or group for choral singing
  60. Glue factory = knacker's yard
  61. "Gofer" [to GO out FOR something ... ] = "dogsbody"
  62. Goldbrick(er) = loaf(er)
  63. Good Humor Man = ice cream peddler in residential areas
  64. Graham cracker = wholemeal biscuit
  65. Grandstand play = done to impress the audience in the grandstands rather than as a requirement of the game, "showy" action
  66. Ground rules= specific local rules for particular event or action, sports or otherwise
  67. Half & Half = dairy mixture of half cream, half milk (to put in coffee, for use in baking, etc.)
  68. Handball = game played by hitting a small, hard ball with bare hand against a wall in room similar to a squash court -- European "handball" is not 'known' in the NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS:
  69. Hard-on = male sexual erection
  70. High school = secondary school, senior (upper) secondary school
  71. Home free (colloquial) = home & dry
  72. Homely = plain-featured, -looking; GB homely = domestic, pleasant
  73. Horny = randy
  74. Housing project = housing development, housing estate
  75. Huddle = planning, tactics conference, especially in American football, but also metaphorically in other situations
  76. Hung jury = jury that is divided, cannot reach a verdict
  77. Jello = jelly; NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: "jelly" = NA INGLETERRA: "jam"; NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: "jam" = NA INGLETERRA: "thick [GB] jelly with fruit embedded"
  78. Kerosene = paraffin, NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: paraffin = GB paraffin wax
  79. Longshoreman = docker, dock worker
  80. Lox = smoked salmon, especially American Jewish usage
  81. Martini = gin & vermouth (combined) cocktail (does not refer to "Vermouth" brand name)
  82. Mean = nasty
  83. Mobile home = (trailer) house on wheels, can be moved behind truck, auto
  84. Mononucleosis, "Mono" = glandular fever
  85. Nervy = impudent, impertinent, with a lot of nerve (cf. GB Nervy)
  86. Night crawler = fishing worm
  87. Oatmeal = porridge
  88. Ordinance = by-law (law at local city, municipal level)
  89. Overpass = flyover
  90. Pacifier = dummy (what baby uses to suck on when not eating)
  91. Parakeet = budgerigar
  92. Parka = anorak
  93. Patrol wagon, Paddy wagon = black maria
  94. Pegged pants = tapered trousers
  95. To pinch-hit for = to substitute for in a particular tactical situation (batting in Am baseball, or metaphorically)
  96. Plexiglass = Perspex glass (brand names used as generics)
  97. Potato chips = potato crisps
  98. Quarterback = Am. football team leader, also to direct, manage, in other situations
  99. Railroad = railway; NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: railway = tracks, roadbed which trains run ON; NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: "railroad" refers to the enterprise, i.e. the Union Pacific Railroad
  100. Raise = rise; NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: "rise" is slang for male erection, or, "to get a sensation from ..."
  101. Realtor = estate (real estate) agent
  102. Retroactive = retrospective
  103. Roomer = lodger
  104. Roster = rota
  105. Rubber = condom; GB rubber = US eraser
  106. Rube Goldberg = Heath Robinson (stereotyped creators of wacky, bizarre "inventions" in USA, GB)
  107. Sedan = saloon car
  108. Shellac = high-gloss varnish
  109. Slingshot = catapult; NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: "catapult" = NA INGLETERRA: "sling"
  110. Special Delivery = Express (postal) Mail
  111. Station wagon = estate car
  112. Thumbtack = drawing pin (small, flat-headed tack used on bulletin boards or to attach papers to wooden surfaces; NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: "drawing pin" a long, narrow, sharp pin used in sewing, clothing design, always with soft fabrics or paper)
  113. Thread = cotton; NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: cotton = plant, fiber, material only
  114. Trash = rubbish
  115. Trashcan = dustbin; trashman = dustman
  116. Turtleneck = polo neck (sweaters or pullovers)
  117. Vaudeville = Music hall (type of entertainment, style of theater)
  118. Wash up = to wash oneSELF, not the dishes; NA INGLETERRA: to wash up = to do the dishes
  119. Wax paper = greaseproof paper
  120. Yard = garden; NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: garden = vegetable or flower garden (culti vated area); GB yard = US paved area, not grassy lawn)
  121. ZIP code = postal code
  122. Zucchini (squash) = courgette (marrow)
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